Fredy Muñoz

Grab a copy of my resume:

I'm a Computer Scientist and a Software Engineer

And I'm on my way of becoming a Machine Learning Engineer.

I was born and raised in Guatemala City. I hold a Computer Science degree from Universidad del Valle de Guatemala and started my professional career building database-driven web and mobile applications.

Then I joined the Center for Health Studies at Universidad del Valle de Guatemala where I worked in the development of a questionnaire-based data collection system for mobile devices. I also participated in the design and development of a data management system for collecting and merging data from questionnaires and laboratory results to build and distribute datasets ready for statistical analysis, right out of the box.

I acquired experience in Geographic Information Systems (GIS) to support logistics and field activities for research operations, and Optical Mark Recognition (OMR) systems to capture human-marked data in paper forms. I'm a co-author to a few peer-reviewed health-related publications, and have been acknowledged for my contributions to several others.

Working closely with epidemiologists, physicians, molecular biologists, statisticians and other kinds of scientists allowed me to identify oportunities for automating processes that were repetitive, error-prone and complex but still performed by researchers themselves, precisely the kind of problem where computers are good at.

My work helped to reduce the error introduced in the data by the human factor, thus improving the quality of the results and conclusions of the investigations.